Fragile balance, sustaining futures


Committed towards ethical business, best practice,

while recognising the need to balance the Earth’s fragile environment,

limited resources, with sustainable social and economic development.



Boland Environmental Consultants CC (BolandEnviro CC) serves private and public sector clients by providing environmental solutions, through integrating project management, scientific process and stakeholder engagement. 

BolandEnviro since its establishment in 2005, has facilitated environmental authorisations for a wide range of development projects, including residential estates, fruit packing sheds, warehousing and wine cellar expansion, cultivation of virgin land / clearing of natural vegetation, construction of roads, renewable energy developments, wind measuring masts, industrial developments, upgrading of abattoir facilities and establishment of free range chicken farms and chicken broiler houses. 

BolandEnviro is a member of Unashamedly Ethical (, an association of individuals and organisations guided by a founding vision to transform society by taking a stand for ethics, values and clean living. 


Location and area of operation

BolandEnviro operates from Worcester, Western Cape, and is active throughout the Boland area.  Worcester is well-known for its natural beauty, quality agricultural products, and as “the Care Capital of South Africa”, with institutions for the blind, deaf and people with other physical disabilities. 

Over the past 13 years, BolandEnviro has facilitated projects in Worcester, Robertson, Bonnievale, Montagu, Rawsonville, De Doorns, Touws River, Beaufort West, Montagu, Ceres, Tulbagh, Paarl Vanrhysndorp and Klawer. This rural focus means that we have built up an in-depth knowledge of the region's environmental, social and economic challenges. 



BolandEnviro combines local knowledge, experience and integrity, offering a wide range of services including pre-application consultation, impact scoping and cost estimates, environmental impact assessments (Basic Assessment & full EIA), environmental management programmes (EMP), environmental awareness, capacity building and education programmes, environmental control, monitoring and auditing. BolandEnviro also assists applicants seeking rectification for unlawful activities. 

Through our professional associates network and in-house specialists, we can also offer stand-alone products including botanical, faunal, geological, hydrological, water use licensing, dam safety, social, visual and heritage investigations.

BolandEnviro has access to GIS operators using ArcGIS and QGIS, networked with scanners and printers, for the production of high quality reports, maps and plans.


Staff and personnel

Our multidisciplinary team focuses their expertise toward finding practical, cost-effective solutions to complex environmental challenges.  Our staff's in-depth industry expertise ensures high quality and technical defensibility of services and products.


Members, Associates, Specialists and Mentors

We have an extensive network of specialists, associates and mentors that we enjoy working with.


Nik Wullschleger - Founding Member / EAP

Gisela Wullschleger - Associate

Wayne Marnewil -  Environmental Assessment Practitioner (EAP)


Practitioners we have worked with:

Johlene Krige - BolandEnviro employee from 2008 to end 2012 - Specialist botanist.

Marizanne McGregor - BolandEnviro employee from 2011 - end 2016 - Specialist zoology and landscape function analysis.

Charl de Villiers - BolandEviro associate 2014 - mid 2017.


Schalk van der Merwe - Social impact

Tony Barbour - Social impact

Nick Helme - Specialist botanist

Doug Euston-Brown - Specialist botanist

Dr Donovan Kotze - Specialist wetland

Dr Liz Day - Specialist freshwater (Freshwater Consulting Group)

Jonathan Kaplan - Specialist archaeologist (ACRM)

Dr John Almond - Specialist palaeontologist (NaturaViva)

Brigdet O'Donoghue - Specialist architect and heritage

Garfield Krige - Specialist hydrologist

Francois Roux - Specialist soil scientist